July 8, 2017

Much progress. It doesn’t look very different, but the to-do list shrinks every day.

I raided a neighbor’s dumpster for old floorboards that will end up as rub rails – protective railing around the edge of the boat.


There will be a mast at the back of the boat, and the boomkin sticks out the back to control that sail. I held my breath and cut the hole in my beautiful transom. Came out just right!

Another hold-your-breath-and-drill moment. This big hook goes on the front, and it requires two very parallel holes, which I also managed to do.

Each milestone is another part of the boat that gets finished and sealed up, never to be seen again (unless I hit an iceberg). This is the hole that holds the main mast, and the four guides lead to the hole in the bottom.


This is the front of the boat, painted and waiting to be covered over.


Now it is sealed, and this space will be used to store the anchor.


The rudder was shaped to fit the hardware.

The front of the boat is ready to be covered over. This areas got some paint,


Then the seats at the front of the boat were attached.


Next task: flip the boat and finish the bottom.


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