The End of Summer 2017

Time to work on the bottom. At this point the boat was light enough for four of us to pick up, flip, and return to the rack. It was weird to see it upside-down.


The bottom was a mess of squeezed out glue, screw holes and protruding wooden bits. Ugh! Pass the sandpaper.

The bottom got a layer of fiberglass for toughness and, you know, to keep the water out.

This is the outer stem piece that I made over a year ago. It fits, with persuasion and lots of glue and screws.


The skeg protects the bottom and helps the boat go straight.

skeg 4

Prime and paint

The wooden centerboard needs weight to keep it down in the water, so melted lead goes in the bottom.

Then painted.

CB Prime

I summoned another able-bodied crew for another flipping. Thanks everyone – it’s heavier now!

moving crew

And the deck goes on.

deck 1

deck 2

The to-do list shrinks daily.


4 thoughts on “The End of Summer 2017

  1. All I can say is that for all the groaning and moaning over mistakes and messy workmanship, you have one very nice looking boat. I love that color too! Hope mine turns out anywhere near as good as yours is and I will be satisfied. I hope to start before the end of the year in Panama City, Fl. Keep up the heroic effort. Well doing ( not done yet)!!

    Geoff Adams


    1. Hi Geoff. Thanks for reaching out. I hope I don’t sound like I’m fishing for compliments, I have been trying to show future builders that a person of moderate talents can succeed, and that there are many bumps along the way. I spend a lot of time on the Wooden Boat Forum following some real craftsmen, and well, that’s not me!

      Feel free to stay in touch while you build – I have regular contact with a guy in Maine and another in Tasmania. The plans are good, but JW leaves a lot for you to figure out or adapt as you work.



      1. One reason I commented is because you’re still building. So many of the others have completed so long ago that their blogs won’t accept comments or questions. Or they seem to have just quit or given up at some point in the construction and now their blogs are just unfinished and unresponsive. That I think is the most discouraging. Your continued activity instills hope for those of us who may just starting out.

        Thanks and I will keep looking in to see your progress. I am expecting my plans any day now so I too will be progressing however slowly but still progressing.



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