June 2018

Sprint to the Finish!!

Warning: This is the most boring blog post, with the best ending

All this Spring I’ve been totally jamming to get finished and get the boat in the water. The boat work went well, but my phone died so there are no pictures!  You’re just gonna have to trust me.

I finished painting, figured out the rigging – all the last details.

Did a little driveway sailing to get the sails and rigging set up.


One of my proudest moments isn’t captured on film and it didn’t involve woodwork. I was able to find the trailer VIN, conquer the RMV and get the trailer registered!

Splash day finally arrived. Linda, the kids and I launched at my local hangout, Mystic Lakes. The evening was beautiful and the winds were light. I nailed the ramp on my 18th try.


Linda dutifully stayed on land to record, but Pearl and Abe came along for the inaugural ride. You can’t see them because they’re ducking under the boom.

side view

Linda even captured this glamour shot.


So she works! No leaks and the rigging and sails all work. Now I need to get the boat more secure on the trailer and get A LOT more practice backing up the boat!

Her name is Lucky Pierre. Growing up this was our phrase when someone was lucky, and no one is more lucky than I. Also, my fireman dad got the nickname after he had a brush with death in 1965. We still have his helmet with the name and a pair of dice! (Of course, the photo was lost with the phone. Next post).

3 thoughts on “June 2018

  1. Congratulations!!! Very well done!! She does look like a lucky one for sure. I am surprised that you rigged her as a balanced lug main yawl, not that there is anything wrong about it, just that yours is the first one I’ve seen rigged this way. I like it!! Did you have to ask John for an extra drawing for the mast, spars and sail? Well duh, I guess you did. Who did you have make your sails?

    I have just started on my own and am really scrutinizing everyone elses build sites for any tips or tricks I can pick up. I must say that yours has been most encouraging and helpful. Since you have done it, then there is certainly some hope for me.

    Thanks and again congratulations on your very lovely boat.



  2. Just a side note, I would like to ask you if you would mind if I use on of finished pictures on my computer for encouragement and goal focus. As I would very much like to rig mine in the same manner it allows me to get used to what mine will hopefully look like when finished too.

    Thanks, fair winds and following seas.



  3. Sorry if I’m becoming a pest but could you possibly post some detail photos of how you rigged Lucky Pierre? Downhaul, sheeting arrangement, halyard to yard type stuff? Yours being to only one I’ve seen rigged the same way I am planning to rig mine, any ideas would be greatly appreciated.




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