September 2017

The decking continued

deck 2

until it was done.

full deck 2

Funny moment. I was cleaning up and found this important-looking package of hardware.


Uh-oh! This is the hardware that I was supposed to put on BEFORE attaching the deck! Now I would need to be ElastiGirl to reach in to put the nuts on. I would need to get through this tiny round opening then up – about three feet in total!

hole view

I tried to McGiver different tools to get the nuts on – no luck. Then I found that I could get my head and one arm through this hole, but even with socket extensions I could only get one nut on, but no washers.

one nut

Not good enough.

After several days of fiddling I gave up and cut a hole through the floor of the anchor well above it. Within minutes the problem was solved and I was on to the new problem of fixing the new hole.

key hole 3

Very few boat terms make sense, but these do. These are rub rails, to protect the boat if you rub up against something.



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