October 2015

I expected this to be the last period of boat-building weather, so I was really anxious to get the bulkheads and stringers installed. The added bonus was that this stage of the build always provides my favorite pictures. There something about seeing the skeleton of the boat come together and finally being able to picture the size and the curves of what it will become.

It started to get cold and rainy in the boatyard. The transom got varnished in the basement.

First the stem went on, with great care to make sure it was vertical and exactly centered.

Bulkhead one attached. I installed temporary supports on the sides to help keep it aligned. Again, the level was clamped on to make sure it stayed upright.

Trouble with the centerboard trunk. I didn’t think to drill the holes before assembly. I really wanted it right, so I went to a friend’s house to use his drill press. Unfortunately, the big bulky case didn’t sit flat on the press, so the hole ended up in the wrong place. To be corrected later. I probably should have fixed it before installing the trunk.

This stuff makes me crazy. Here on the inside of the transom you can clearly see my markings that show where the seat top is supposed to go. You can also see that I glued the support well below that. Again, what was I thinking three months ago?


Detail of the bulkhead one attachment. So snug and secure.

But wait – when I tested the fit of the stringers, something was terribly wrong. The long thin piece is supposed to fit snugly into the slot on the bulkhead. Instead it is several inches away.


Remeasuring shows that the bulkhead is in the wrong place. The bulkhead should be forward at the end of the ruler.


Awesome opportunity to buy a new tool. Heat turns hardened epoxy to goo, so “Say hello to my little friend.” A little heat, a little drill and she’s free.

The stringers needed to be pulled together and twisted at the same time. It took a village (of tools) to get them into place and hold them there until the glue set.


With bulkhead one in the proper position, the stringer fit right into place.


It’s all coming together.


But the stringers put up a fight. Many snapped when asked to bend to the complex shapes of the boat.


But finally, in the last days of October, it all came together.




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