September 2015

It seems so wrong – but I have to cut a huge hole in the bottom of the boat. The centerboard goes here.


As more parts are complete, I can’t resist the urge to clamp them together to see how they fit.

As the parts go together, I am shocked to see some of the mistakes that I made months ago in the basement.

These pieces were glued crooked! What was I thinking? These were cut off and new pieces were cut and glued in their place.

Odd interlude. I turned around and it looked like a cricket was on my saw blade.


Turns out it was empty. This is an old cricket shell that fell out of the dusty eaves of the garage and landed, lifelike, on the saw blade.

More mistakes. I tried and tried to get the centerboard trunk to fit exactly flush against the keel batten, but I couldn’t get it right. These are big gaps. They will eventually get filled and covered with fiberglass, so there’s no harm done. Just frustrating.

I had to cut out part of the frame to allow for the bottom of the centerboard case.

After attaching the case some bulkhead could be attached. On the right is a worrisome mismatch. The seats rest on these two pieces that aren’t level. When I started making parts in the basement in April, my biggest concern was that when it came time to put them together, they wouldn’t fit.

Eventually I made slight adjustments on both sides to get the seat supports flush, but this was nerve-wracking.

Someday I’ll look back on this and laugh. But not yet. In the shot below I’ve put the parts together and temporarily attached a thin batten to see the shape of the boat. But the way that I clamped the battens onto the front stem completely disguises the fact that bulkhead #1 is in the wrong place. Foreshadowing!


The two sides of bulkhead 6 (or maybe 8) are attached. I thought I was done with bulkheads months ago.


September ends and I’m feeling the pressure of the ticking clock. In just a few weeks it will be too cold to glue, but I want to get these parts together before I wrap up for the winter.


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