August 2015

Work continued on the centerboard. There was a lot of wood to remove to get the right shape. On this section I cut the grooves to the right depth, then popped off the left-over with a chisel.


Shaping with a Japanese pull-saw


Now the centerboard needed a home. In this shot I’m celebrating the fact that I just cut out two pieces of plywood and they match perfectly.


Another signature move. These pieces support the bottom of the centerboard case, and after cutting I realized that I had gotten confused with the measurements. I was able to fish out the cut-offs from the scrap box and make these extensions, which I glued into place. Fortunately this piece was soon covered by another!

The inside of the case was the spot for my first fiberglassing experience. I was glad to be learning on area that will never be seen again.

Eventually the sides came together to make the case.

The keel batten is the internal spine of the boat. Two shorter pieces were scarphed together and then glued and screwed in place.


Another correction was required. The 1×4 keel batten was slightly thinner than the 100mm width that the plan calls for. But the centerboard case is actually 100mm wide, so I widened the keel batten to make a snug fit.


Can’t have too many clamps.

August ended with a second and final trip to pick up plywood. Same trip, minus all of the snow and most of the panic.



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