Spring 2015-The Building Begins

Actually, the story begins in July 2014. My arm was still in a sling when the plans arrived, but that summer I haunted estate sales looking for clamps and other tools for the build. I finally took the plunge on February 14 and made a pilgrimage to Boulter Plywood in Somerville to buy the special marine plywood that I needed. After strapping almost $500 worth of plywood to the roof of a borrowed SUV (thanks Ruth) I was still worried that it might slide off, so I drove with my left hand out of the window holding on to the plywood. Of course, it was 6 degrees at the time, and by the time I carefully drove through the back streets of Somerville, Arlington and Lexington, my hand was a frozen claw. Good times!!


Soon the precious ply was safely stored in the basement. Weird to think that this pile of wood will be a boat. I told the wood, but it seemed skeptical.

February wasn’t a time for doing fun stuff in the basement, it was a time for shoveling. It was March before I made my first cautious cuts into the precious ply. I started with the bulkheads. This proved much more difficult and time consuming than I thought and this lasted until the end of the school year.

Warm weather brought field trips, the last days of school, gardening, home repair and other delays, and it was early July before construction moved outside.




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