July 2015

Made great progress (and even bigger mistakes) in July.

Made space in the garage.

“The clamps were all hung by the workbench with care, in hopes that a skilled woodworker soon would be there.” Nope, just me.


Laid out the frame in the flattest place I had – the front porch.

Two pieces of ply are planed down (scarphed, to be precise) to make a stronger bond when joined end-to-end. Not bad, you know, for me.

Then I blew it all. Somehow, when I glued the two pieces together I managed to cram this scrap in-between!! You are truly seeing a master craftsman at work.

Do-over. Cut out the offensive joint, re-scarph, re-glue. Drew the shape of the bottom panel, cut it out and attached it to the frame.


Pieces glued up to form the centerboard.


With saw, router and grinder, this big chunk of wood gets whittled down to a more hydrodynamic shape.


Epoxy hardens very quickly in hot weather. Here I was experiment with freezing a layer of ice in-between the two cups.


Lots of progress in July, but it’s not a boat yet, still just a pile of parts.


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